Books are for use * Every reader his book * Every book its reader * Save the time of the reader * Library is a growing organism (Five Laws of Library Science)


The main service provided from the Library is Circulation service,  i.e. , lending books to the users – Students, Teachers and Staffs. However, to fulfil the objective of the Library the following services are provided:

a) Circulation(reading room lending)

b) Circulation (home lending)

i)General (15 days)

ii) Special issue (over night)

                        iii) Book reservation

                        iv) Re-issue

c) Reference service

d) Service to the ex-students and outside Research scholar (with the permission of the Head of the Institution)

e) Book Bank

f) Book Display

Library Member

All the students, Faculty members and non-teaching staffs of the College are the members of the Library. Ex-Students and outside research scholars can use Library documents on Permission.

Reading room facility

The reading rooms can be used by the members of the library with their own books or books of the library on reading room lending. There are two reading rooms in the Library, one for the students andall and one for the Teachers only where the Teachers can consult their students as per requirement with the permission of the Librarian. There are 30 seats in the general reading room and 10 seats in the teachers reading room. Only the reference books, journals, magazines, newspapers , rare books and confined copies of the books can be borrowed and read in the reading rooms as these documents are not issued for home or over night lending.

Book bank Facility

The economically poor students can avail the book bank facility.

Computerized Catalogue

Library has computerized catalogue for searching documents. There is card catalogue also for this purpose.

Library Automation

Library is using library management software KOHA since 2016.


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